Pantagruel - The Game


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CATEGORY: Puzzle / Arcade

Game Overview

The banquet is going to start. Are you ready to manage the dining hall? It won’t be easy, but it will be funny and as you show your organisational skills and demonstrate your ability as you’ll get dining tables with more waiters and food, and you’ll work in bigger dining halls.


Pantagruel - Main menu
Pantagruel - Ingame
Pantagruel - Ingame





(in alphabetical order)
Vito Addamo
original music and sound effects
Riccardo Cavalieri
concept and graphics
Patrizia Curti
concept and historical expertise
Gabriele Ferri
concept and game design
Marco Giorgini
concept and programming
Walter Martinelli
concept, original music and sound effects
Mirella Rotolo
original drawings
Andrea Capitani
Android porting
in partnership with
City of Modena Net Garage Network

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