King Soccer Champions

A MG Production and TwinGames game
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CATEGORY: Sport / Soccer

Game Overview

Welcome to the King Soccer Champions, the new exciting 3D single and multiplayer soccer game for your device.
Select your favorite european team (among the 32 ones playing the champions cup), practice with friendly matches, enter the tournament, and play online with your friends around the world!
• The first and only real-time multiplayer game multidevice
• Enjoy online or single player matches, and the full champions cup tournament.
• Free to play! Hundreds of hours of entertainment at your fingertips!
• Super addictive, exciting mix between simulation and arcade
• Real Soccer Game for your device
• Very easy and responsive game controls
• Realistic sounds and stunning 3D graphics
• 32 teams with fantastic stars players.
• Fantastic Replay after every goal.
• New game mechanics including Fouls, Penalty shoots, Long Pass, Winner animations, etc.
• Compete with your friends with the integrated world ranking leaderboard
• Pure soccer action!


King Soccer Champions

King Soccer Champions

King Soccer Champions




Idea, Coding, Music, 2d/3d gfx and 3d animation 
Marco Giorgini
Andrea Capitani
Additional help (logo, names, video)
TwinGroup srl
Claudio Chiellini
Ponco Pamungkas
iOS porting
Marco Giorgini
Android porting
Andrea Capitani
Andrea Capitani
Marco Bellei
Marco Baldaccini

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